How much will the treatment cost?

Telephone advice is always free of charge. Keeping a clinic open Out of Hours is by its nature more expensive than running a clinic during the day and as such, we have to add an Out of Hours fee to cover the extra costs. However, we do endeavour to keep our fees as low as possible, while still providing excellent care and facilities.

The cost of any treatment will be added to the consultation fee, and these fees are average for the area.

Our initial combined Consultation and Out of Hours fees for cats, dogs and some exotics are:

£150 From 8am to 11pm
£190 From 11pm – 8am

The initial combined Consultation and Out of Hours fee for small pets is £65 and for rabbits it is £90 at all times


Estimates will be given at the time of consultation, especially for patients who are admitted. Please feel free to discuss these with the vet, as there is often more than one treatment plan possible and we want to do the right thing for both you and your pet. Also bear in mind all cases are different and so estimates are only that, not quotes, however, we will endeavour to contact you to discuss any changes to the estimate should your pet’s condition changes

How can I pay?

We accept credit cards, debit cards and cash and require payment at the time of the consultation. By not having accounts, we are able to keep our overall costs down for everyone.

Please see our terms and conditions.


As veterinary care and facilities have improved over the years, the cost of treatment has increased. We would always advise owners to take out pet insurance while their pet is fit and healthy to help out with those unexpected bills. Your own vet is probably the best person to help you choose the best policy, but in all cases, we advise you to read the small print very carefully!