We are open every night, every weekend and public holiday when your usual veterinary surgery is closed and are always here to care for your pet if they have an accident or become unwell. Our team of experienced vets and nurses is on site at all times to give you advice on the phone or to treat your pet at the clinic.

evc_update_02_03If your pet has to stay with us for ongoing monitoring and care, we can assure you that they will never be left alone in the clinic.

We are all pet owners ourselves so understand that pets are members of the family, and treat them as if they were our own.

evc_update_02_07Emergency VetCare shares the premises with Walton Lodge Veterinary Group, but is independent of it. As such, in the morning, your pet’s records will be sent to your own vet so they will know what has happened.

If your pet has had to be admitted, so long as they are able to travel, they will need to go back to their usual practice for ongoing care.

evc_update_02_11For most of our patients, it is best to be examined and treated at the surgery; however, we can arrange for a house visit to be made where that is more appropriate.

Monday ‐ Friday 7pm-8am
Weekends ‐ Saturday 12pm to Monday 8am
Bank holidays all day & night